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    Effective Integration Strategy

    SlackedIn leverages innovative technology to bring LinkedIn and Slack together in a seamless and intuitive interface. Experience a communication strategy that's not just effective, but also incredibly efficient.

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    Seamless Integration Process

    Our platform is designed to provide a smooth and effortless experience. SlackedIn integrates your LinkedIn and Slack platforms without disrupting your team's workflow. Stay connected and responsive without missing a beat.

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    Continuous Support and Updates

    At SlackedIn, we're committed to ensuring that our integration tool works perfectly for your team. We provide regular updates and have a dedicated Slack channel for support, so help is always just a message away.

Collaborate & Innovate

We create a tool that marries LinkedIn's reach with Slack's efficiency. Streamline communications without a developer.
Digital Interaction

Revolutionize your team's communication with SlackedIn. Merging LinkedIn's network with Slack's speed for an exceptional digital experience.

Brand Enhancement

Boost your communication strategy with SlackedIn. Manage LinkedIn accounts effectively, showcasing your brand's efficiency.

SlackedIn: Revolutionize Your Workflow

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Orgs. Integrated

Streamlined communications for numerous professionals.

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User Satisfaction

Our users appreciate the control and convenience SlackedIn offers.

Focused Capabilities for Superior Integration

At SlackedIn, we design, build, and support a unique integration tool to enhance your team's communication. Create seamless LinkedIn-Slack interactions without needing a developer.
Instant Integration

Set up SlackedIn quickly and easily. Get your LinkedIn conversations flowing into your Slack channels fast.

Advanced Features Included

Our cutting-edge features are designed to provide control, visibility, and ease in your LinkedIn-Slack communications.

We’re as good as they say we are

The control and visibility offered by SlackedIn are unmatched. We can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts easily and never miss a conversation. It's a game-changer for us.

Emily Carter

Marketing Director

SlackedIn has transformed our team's communication. We're more responsive and efficient on LinkedIn, thanks to the seamless integration with Slack. It's become an essential tool in our workflow.

Chris Thompson

Marketing Manager

SlackedIn has boosted our brand's efficiency. Responding to LinkedIn messages from Slack saves us so much time and keeps us organized. Highly recommended.

Sarah Hughes


Setting up SlackedIn was incredibly easy and the support team is always ready to assist. The convenience it brings to our LinkedIn outreach efforts is truly commendable.

Jacob Anderson


SlackedIn has simplified our LinkedIn messaging like never before. We can all respond and manage messages from multiple accounts. It's incredibly powerful.

Laura Mitchell

Operations Manager

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